Physics Professor
University of São Paulo (Brazil)

Here is how to find me:

Departamento de Física Matemática (Dept. of Mathematical Physics)
Rua do Matão, Travessa R, 187, Cidade Universitária
CEP 05508-090 - São Paulo - SP

Email: bertuzzo(at)if.usp.br
Phone: +55 (11) 3091-6843

For more information see my CV.


Research Interests

My field of expertise is Particle Physics. In my research, the main focus are theories that aim to extend the Standard Model (SM) of Particle Physics to explain phenomena that cannot be described in the SM. In particular, I have studied models which attempt to explain neutrino masses, the nature of Dark Matter and to solve the so-called "Hierarchy Problem", i.e. the sensitivity of the electroweak scale on possible heavier states.


  • Phenomenology of theories Beyond the Standard Model
  • Dark Matter: models and searches
  • Minimal and non-minimal Supersymmetry
  • Composite Higgs models
  • Relaxion Models
  • Neutrino Physics and models of Neutrino masses


An updated list of my publications can be found in INSPIREHEP


Gravitation from Field Theory

My student Gabriel Massoni Salla (gabriel.massoni.salla@usp.br) developed a project during his graduation studying in detail how General Relativity emerges from Field Theory. His work can be found at this link.

Junior club

A space for discussion for the youngest members of the particle physics group at USP. Here goes the link to the website.