Prof. Enrico Bertuzzo

Quantum Mechanics II


General Infos

Purpose of the course

Quantum Mechanics is one of the fundamental subjects for any physicist (together with electromagnetism). In this course we will study more advanced topics, such as symmetries in QM, identical particles, scattering, relativistic QM and entangled states.


Monday, Wednesday and Thursday (14h-16h) room 2021


The students will be assigned a subject, and will be given 30 minutes to organize a presentation. After that, the student will present on the blackboard and will answer questions not only about the assigned subject, but also on the other topics seen in the lectures. A good exposition of the assigned subject will roughly count as 70% of the final note.


Enrico Bertuzzo, sala 332 ala central IFUSP


I will not follow a unique textbook. Some of the topics are however well presented in some textbook, to which we refer the students (see "Recommended textbooks" for the acronyms).
  1. More on symmetries
  2. Identical particles
  3. Density matrix and quantum statistical mechanics
  4. Scattering in quantum mechanics
  5. Relativistic quantum mechanics Lecture notes
  6. Second quantization and the road to quantum field theory Lectures notes


Exercises for the topics developed during the lectures can be found here.

Recommended textbooks

Here goes a list of book on QM (or quantum field theory, which can be used as reference for relativistic quantum mechanics) that are good for consultation. It may also be useful to consult the following online references: