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  2. -Higgs physics

  3. -And in general: new physics, experimental anomalies, small signals and strong deviations...


Main Interests

Pedro A. N. Machado

PhD Student

from the Department of Mathematical Physics at the University of São Paulo

Contact: accioly@if.usp.br

Universidade de São Paulo

Departamento de Física Matemática

Rua do Matão, Travessa R, 187

São Paulo, SP 05508-090

What can be learn about the lepton CP phase in the next 10 years?

PANM, H Minakata, H Nunokawa, R Zukanovich Funchal

arXiv:1111.3330 [hep-ph]

Sterile Neutrino Oscillations: The Global Picture

J Kopp, PANM, M Maltoni, T Schwetz

arXiv:1303.3011 [hep-ph] JHEP 1305 (2013) 050

Does H to Gamma Gamma Taste like vanilla New Physics?

L G Almeida, E Bertuzzo, PANM, R Zukanovich Funchal

arXiv: 1207.5254 [hep-ph] JHEP 1211 (2012) 085

Exploring nu signals in dark matter detectors

R Harnik, J Kopp, PANM

arXiv:1202.6073 [hep-ph] JCAP 1207 (2012) 026

Testing for Large Extra Dimensions with Neutrino Oscillations

PANM, H Nunokawa, R Zukanovich Funchal

arXiv: 1101.0003 [hep-ph] PRD 84 (2011) 013003

Some of my papers       check out a full list at arXiv or inspires

About me

I did my undergrad at the Universidade Federal do Ceará (2007). After, I went to the Universidade de São Paulo to study neutrino phenomenology. There, I obtained my master diploma (2009) and started my PhD, both under the supervision of Renata Zukanovich Funchal.

In 2010 I spent 6 months at the Fermilab Theory Department. On 2011 and 2012 I worked at the Institut de Physique Théorique - CEA in Saclay. I also was at the CERN theory group for 3 months.

Talks & Conferences

Long-Baseline Neutrino Physics and Astrophysics Workshop 2010

Fermilab 2011


Rencontres de Physique des Particules 2012

Max Planck - Heidelberg 2012

Planck 2012

2nd UNILHC Summer School

IFIC - Valencia 2012

IFT - Madrid 2012

LNGS - L’Aquila 2012

Invisibles Workshop 2013